Moving to Palm Springs, CA? Here Are 6 Expert Tips

DWA Team


Balmy weather, thrilling nightlife, second-to-none shopping, splendid sunrises and sunsets, immaculate golf courses, and glamor around every corner – the desert sanctuary of Palm Springs just outside of Los Angeles has attracted sunseekers from near and far for the better part of a century for a reason.
It’s not just a wonderful place to visit, either. Living in Palm Springs, CA, offers residents plenty of benefits, from clear, unsullied air to staggering vistas of the Golden State’s impeccable beauty.
If you have made the wise decision to start calling Palm Springs home–or if you are weighing the idea–read on for Diane Williams's top tips for making the move as smooth and delightful as possible.

1. Explore your housing options

Whether you are moving to Palm Springs as a renter or a prospective homebuyer, you are in luck: The city offers a broad range of housing options. Contemporary townhomes, pristine condominiums, gorgeous single-family dwellings, historic gems, mid-century modern estates, and Art Deco phenoms – the city teems with variety and is sure to please nearly any preference and desire.
Contacting an established realtor should be your first and foremost priority before making your relocation official. A quality realtor will put you in the right direction and help you find a residence that satisfies, pleases, and suits your lifestyle.

2. Select your neighborhood

Palm Springs proper and its surrounding enclaves are home to several neighborhoods, each with its appeal and character. The most coveted neighborhoods include:
Uptown Design District: Happen to love a thriving arts scene and the nightlife to match it? This fashionable district may be just right for you. Flourishing with boutiques, galleries, and one-of-a-kind restaurants, bars, and lounges, it’s the perfect spot for creatives.
Downtown Palm Springs: Some people relocate to Palm Springs to deepen their relationship with nature. Others want to be near all of its exhilarating action. If you fall into the latter camp, consider moving Downtown. Excellent walkability to the district’s many eateries, taverns, hotels, and shops is one of the greatest attributes of this vibrant area.
The Mesa: If you are fleeing the noise and commotion of a big city, Palm Springs’ The Mesa might be your solution. Quiet and tranquil, this lovely residential neighborhood is ideal for families or remote professionals who are avid fans of the sounds of nature. This area also carries a cool factor: It was once home to several luminaries, including Barry Manilow and Rita Hayworth.
Deepwell Estates: If you’re fond of striking architecture, Deepwell Estates will surely spark your interest. As the longest-standing neighborhood in Palm Springs, this distinguished region boasts a profusion of mid-century modern homes and other architectural wonders.
Rancho Mirage: Searching for a luxury home in the greater Palm Springs area? Rancho Mirage is your answer. This lovely, upscale community features an abundance of posh, sprawling estates. How could it not? This tony enclave’s moniker is “the president’s playground.”
Palm Desert: Equally luxurious but also home to the Coachella Valley’s equivalent of Rodeo Drive, Palm Desert underscores the concept of an oasis. This is an ideal location for newcomers who love to shop and be outdoors in equal measure.
Our advice? Spend time in each of these areas to get a feel for their energy and personality.

3. Pare down your possessions and pack with purpose

One of the biggest boons of moving to a new area is that you have the chance to arrive with a fresh slate and recreate your existence if you wish. Whether it is bulky pieces of furniture or winter attire that won’t be needed in Palm Springs’ climate, use your move as an opportunity to toss what you no longer want and need. Besides, you won’t have any problem finding new clothes, home decor, art, or furniture with Palm Springs' shops and boutiques.

4. Prepare the logistics

Once you have decided on where you will be living, ensure that everything in your new home will be ready for your arrival. WiFi, water, and electricity all should be turned on and working properly so that you can begin enjoying Palm Springs’ numerous activities immediately.

5. Find your niche

Unless you already have a social circle in place in Palm Springs, meeting people and making friends is a surefire way to make the city feel like home. Fortunately, there are dozens of venues to meet like-minded souls. Whether it is a book club, gym, tennis court, or golf course, getting out and about will bring you into contact with kindred spirits who share your interests.

6. Get the lowdown from your realtor

It is one thing to consult the internet for your needs in a new city. It is entirely another to receive personal recommendations from your trusted realtor, who will likely have an expansive network of key contacts in nearly every industry. Moving to a new place means you must replace the professionals you relied upon in your previous residence. If you purchase a property, you will need experts ranging from a landscaper and a housecleaner to a handyman and, for some, a pool cleaner. Likewise, you will need recommendations for medical professionals, auto mechanics, estheticians, stylists, vets (for pet owners), and more.
DW & Associates is just this type of trusted real estate agent team. The members of this acclaimed, successful group have helped innumerable people relocate to Palm Springs and made sure the process was smooth, blissful, and exciting. Established in 2004, the real estate team specializes in Rancho Mirage homes and Palm Desert real estate – two of the most luxurious communities in the greater Palm Springs region. Book a consultation with them today to turn your idea of living in Palm Springs into your new and sparkling reality.