8 Tips for Moving to Rancho Mirage, CA

DWA Team


The words Southern California can evoke many images, from the city life of Los Angeles, wine tasting in Santa Barbara, or a childhood dream fulfilled at Disneyland in Anaheim. However, those living in Rancho Mirage, CA, enjoy the beauty and charm of a desert oasis. This quaint suburb in Riverside County is nestled within Coachella Valley. It offers its residents convenient access to getaways such as Indio for hot springs and Joshua Tree for camping and hiking. Rancho Mirage's year-round summer weather makes it the perfect vacation destination, but there are many more reasons why people make this mid-valley city their permanent residence. Homebuyers are drawn to Rancho Mirage's many amenities and a better quality of life. 65% of its residents are made up of homeowners, which creates a warm, neighborly environment throughout the town.
There's something for everyone here. It has a generous amount of resorts, outdoor shopping excursions like The River, and yearly music festivals. Golf enthusiasts enjoy over 120 courses and country clubs, and kids learn and play at the Children's Discovery Museum. However, knowing that you want to move to Rancho Mirage is the easy part. There are many balls to juggle and strategies to perfect when planning a big move. Moving can be costly and time-consuming if not done correctly. The expertise of Diane Williams and Associates can help ease those burdens by offering crucial tips that turn an otherwise tedious move into a pleasant journey into your new home.

1. Look for an ideal home

While plenty of sun is a great way to get vitamin D and nourish your garden, desert living is unlike most places. Extreme sun exposure results in dry, scorching climates, putting a strain on home maintenance. Coachella Valley homeowners can spend 35% over the national average to cool a house, but this burden can be easily lifted by looking for the right home features when searching for a house
Stucco and adobe should be at the top of your roof preference list. Both materials maintain cool and hot air efficiently, and adobe is fire-resistant, a plus when living in drier environments. Lighter colors are also ideal for reflecting heat outward. A solar panel home is an excellent way to take advantage of the extra UV rays; bonus, it's sustainable and energy efficient. Other features include ceiling fans, awnings, and landscape sprinklers. Be sure that your landscape is abundant with drought-resistant plants.

2. Explore

MLS listings and property appraisals are excellent tools to determine home market value but ensuring a home is valuable to you personally is essential. Rancho Mirage has dozens of communities where your perfect home may be, so determine your priorities to find the right one. Is walkability to attractions the most important? Or do you prefer to be near schools or by transportation? Studies show that good neighborly relations are critical to residents' overall well-being. So before making the big move, take time to tour neighborhoods. Inquire from the locals their opinion on the community, and as you walk around, listen for potential noise pollution, such as barking dogs. Attend a town event or dine at a local restaurant.

3. Make checklists

Lists are simple in theory but crucial to creating a seamless move. Start with simple to-do lists from setting up utilities to child and pet proofing. Lists will prevent you from forgetting commonly overlooked things that you would otherwise put off until the last minute, such as reserving your movers and cleaners, which can be booked up fast and cost more the longer you wait. Creating an unpacking plan will make your transition into the new house smoother. An unpacking plan could be anything from boxing the least used items separately from your more immediately needed belongings to labeling or color coding boxes for the movers with the appropriate destinations within the home. Remember to make a grocery list to fill the new fridge.

4. Inspect

The best way to ensure all home features are functioning correctly before you move in is to hire a home inspector. An inspector ensures you've covered all the critical areas, such as plumbing, electricity, and appliances. It's essential to make sure they are examining areas particularly concerning Rancho Mirage homeowners, such as having proper insulation and sealed windows. Perform tests on safety devices such as home security systems and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Remember the exterior. Check for roof damage, paint chips, and swimming pool cracks. Not all home inspectors are trained for pools and hot tubs, so if your next home has either, find a qualified inspector with a certification such as CPI.

5. Do a final walkthrough

Before unloading the moving trucks, it's a good idea to do a final walk-through. A house may have been in fantastic shape when you first saw it, but anything can happen between that time and when the previous owners move out. There could be scratches on the floors from their movers or water stains revealed that were hidden by furniture and rugs, so it's important to schedule this before closing to request repairs. When you toured the house, it was likely fully furnished and staged. Walking in the empty house allows you to better picture your belongings in the space. Bring a tape measure with you on a final walkthrough to determine if and where your furniture will fit. It's also an excellent time to decide whether to re-paint, wallpaper, or renovate a room before unpacking.

6. Familiarize your ways around Rancho Mirage

Navigating the commute in Rancho Mirage is a unique experience, thanks to its efficient roadways and moderate traffic. To make your morning travel even smoother, consider timing your commute to avoid the minimal rush hours. Utilizing apps like Google Maps or Waze can help you plan the quickest routes and avoid any unexpected delays. For those commuting to nearby cities, carpooling can be a great option, not only as an environmentally friendly choice but also as a way to connect with fellow community members. Remember, the key to a stress-free commute in Rancho Mirage lies in planning and taking advantage of the city’s well-structured road network.

7. Embrace the local lifestyle

Living in Rancho Mirage offers an opportunity to embrace a lifestyle that's in harmony with the desert environment. To fully enjoy this, get involved in the local community events which often celebrate the unique desert culture. Adapt your daily routine to the climate; enjoy outdoor activities during the cooler parts of the day and explore indoor leisure activities during peak heat hours. Don’t forget to take advantage of the local amenities - from golf courses to luxury spas, there's much to explore. Embracing the desert lifestyle is about finding balance and enjoying the serene and luxurious atmosphere that Rancho Mirage provides.

8. Get help from your realtor

Your realtor is there for more than selling you a house. They are with you through all stages, from narrowing searches based on your needs to negotiating and closing the deal. Your realtor will know the neighborhood's ins and outs, such as zoning and local taxes. They can recommend schools, activities, and local attractions. Realtors will arrange your final walkthrough and help expedite any last-minute repairs with the seller's agent.
A great realtor has a trusted network of professionals in their list of contacts. Their tight network of industry professionals is a great source to tap from real estate attorneys, home inspectors, and movers. Your agent has likely worked with their recommendations before, so you can rest assured referrals are qualified and trustworthy.
When you're ready to be one of the fortunate residents living in Rancho Mirage, CA, let Diane Williams and Associates guide you there. Their expertise and tips will get you through all the phases, from finding the best listing to unpacking your perfect new home.

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