Accessibility to reputable schools is the mark of a good neighborhood.

schoolsThis is especially true in family-centric communities where good schools play a crucial role in convincing people to relocate.
After all, every parent wants to give his child a solid educational foundation, and a good school located nearby assures him of that.

The good news is hunting for a reputable school no longer means literally going the extra mile to take that long, stressful journey to meet your child’s potential principals and teachers.

Modern community planning now includes having good schools in the area. Parents will be happy to know that these learning institutions are just a stone’s throw away from home.

Here are some you’ll find in the Coachella Valley and Palm Springs areas.

Xavier College Preparatory School

This Jesuit college preparatory school believes in giving students a challenging but encouraging atmosphere with lots of room to grow. Outreach trips build character and give a better understanding of the world. Some of these trips have taken students to Peru and Guadalupe. The school’s core strength lies in its well-rounded curriculum and exciting extracurricular activities.

Palm View Elementary School

This public school, whose mission is to make students reach their fullest potential, offers classes for kindergarten to sixth grade children. Innovative programs and outstanding teacher-student support are patterned after the Coachella Valley Unified School District’s traditional guidelines. Its nurturing environment makes this school one of the preferred learning institutions in the area.

King’s School

Twenty-two years of guiding preschool to middle school children in the right path has given this school a stellar reputationin the area. Students are trained to become good members of the community through a strong core curriculum grounded on character building and discipline.

Cathedral City High School

This prestigious school is known for guiding students so they can become responsible, worthy global citizens someday. The school strikes a healthy balance betweena complete academic curriculum and enriching extracurricular activities. Programs that go beyond academics, like theater arts and construction engineering, broaden students’ perspective about the world outside, and prepare them for college.

Pre-K & Daycare

Marywood Palm Valley Preschool Rancho Mirage 760-346-1197 http://www.mwpv.org/
Victory Christian Schools Rancho Mirage 760-324-3100 http://www.victorychristian.org/
Hope Luthern Preschool Palm Desert 760-347-5203 http://www.hopelutheranpalmdesert.org/
Montessori School of the Desert Palm Desert 760-773-0984
Morning Stars Learning Program Palm Desert 760-341-5223
Sacred Heart Preschool Palm Desert 760-674-3000 http://www.sacredheartpalmdesert.com/
The Learning Tree Center Palm Desert 760-345-8100
Tikvah Nursery School Palm Desert 760-568-9699 http://www.templesinaipd.org/
Tot Stop Inc Palm Desert 760-346-6445
Christian Schools of the Desert Bermuda Dunes 760-345-2948 http://www.csod.org/
First School of the Desert La Quinta 760-772-2996 http://www.firstschool.com/
King’s Schools Cathedral City 760-324-7381 http://www.kingsschools.com/
First School of the Desert Cathedral City 760-321-0090 http://www.firstschool.com/
Early Works Child Development Center Cathedral City 760-321-6240
Creative Beginnings Montessori School Palm Springs 760-416-6333
Desert Son-Shine Palm Springs 760-320-9533 http://www.desertsonshine.org/
First School of the Desert Palm Springs 760-327-5005 http://www.firstschool.com/
Montessori School of Palm Springs Palm Springs 760-323-2502
St. Theresa Preschool Palm Springs 760-864-9804
Temple Isaiah Early Childhood Learning Center Palm Springs 760-322-9657 http://www.templeisaiahps.com/

Private Schools

Marywood Palm Valley Rancho Mirage 760-328-0861 http://www.mwpv.org/
Sacred Heart Catholic School Palm Desert 760-346-3513 http://www.sacredheartpalmdesert.com/
Saint Margaret’s Episcopal School Palm Desert 760-346-6268 http://www.stmargarets.org/
Xavier College Preparatory High School Palm Desert 760-601-3900 http://www.xavierprep.org/
Christian Schools of the Desert Bermuda Dunes 760-345-2848 http://www.csod.org/
King’s Schools Palm Springs 760-324-5464 http://www.kingsschools.com/
St Theresa School Palm Springs 760-327-4919 http://www.stsps.org/

Public Elementary Schools

Rancho Mirage Elementary School Rancho Mirage 760-836-3680 http://www.stsps.org/home.aspx
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School Palm Desert 760-862-4320 http://www.dsusd.us/
George Washington Elementary School Palm Desert 760-862-4350 http://www.dsusd.us/
James E. Carter Elementary School Palm Desert 760-862-4370 http://www.dsusd.us/
Ronald Reagan Elementary School Palm Desert 760-772-0456 http://www.dsusd.us/
Gerald Ford Elementary School Palm Desert 760-772-4120 http://www.dsusd.us/
James Monroe Elementary School Bermuda Dunes 760-772-4130 http://www.dsusd.us/
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School La Quinta 760-238-9424 http://www.dsusd.us/
Harry S. Truman Elementary School La Quinta 760-777-4240 http://www.dsusd.us/
John Adams Elementary School La Quinta 760-777-4260 http://www.dsusd.us/
Amelia Earhart Elementary School Indio 760-200-3720 http://www.dsusd.us/
Andrew Jackson Elementary School Indio 760-775-3830 http://www.dsusd.us/
Carrillo Rancho Eklementary School Indio 760-238-9700 http://www.dsusd.us/
Dr. Reynaldo J. Carreon Jr. Academy School Indio 760-863-1544 http://www.dsusd.us/
Dwight Eisenhower Elementary School Indio 760-775-3810 http://www.dsusd.us/
Herbert Hoover Elementary School Indio 760-775-3820 http://www.dsusd.us/
James Madison Elementary School Indio 760-775-3850 http://www.dsusd.us/
John F. Kennedy Elementary School Indio 760-775-3840 http://www.dsusd.us/
Lyndon B. Johnson Elementary School Indio 760-863-3680 http://www.dsusd.us/
Martin Van Buren Elementary School Indio 760-775-3870 http://www.dsusd.us/
Mountain Vista Elementary School Indio 760-775-6888 http://www.dsusd.us/
Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School Indio 760-775-3860 http://www.dsusd.us/
Cesar Chavez Elementary School Coachella 760-398-2004 http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/
Coral Mountain Acadamey Coachella 760-398-3525 http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/
Palm View Elementary School Coachella 760-398-2861 http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/
Peter Pendleton Elementary School Coachella 760-398-0178 http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/
Valley del sol Elementary School Coachella 760-398-1025 http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/
Valley View Elementary School Coachella 760-398-5101 http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/
Agua Caliente Elementary School Cathedral City 760-416-8235 http://www.psusd.us/
Cathedral City Elementary School Cathedral City 760-770-8600 http://www.psusd.us/
Landau Elementary School Cathedral City 760-770-8600 http://www.psusd.us/
Rio Vista Elementary School Cathedral City 760-416-0032 http://www.psusd.us/
Sunny Sands Elementary School Cathedral City 760-770-8635 http://www.psusd.us/
Cahuilla Elementary School Palm Springs 760-416-8161 http://www.psusd.us/
Cielo Vista Elementary School Palm Springs 760-416-8250 http://www.psusd.us/
Katherine Finchy Elementary School Palm Springs 760-416-8190 http://www.psusd.us/
Vista Del Monte Elementary School Palm Springs 760-416-8176 http://www.psusd.us/

Public Middle Schools

Palm Desert Middle School Palm Desert 760-862-4320 http://www.dsusd.us/
Colonel Mitchell Paige La Quinta 760-238-9710 http://www.dsusd.us/
La Quinta Middle School La Quinta 760-777-4220 http://www.dsusd.us/
Indio Middle School Indio 760-775-3800 http://www.dsusd.us/
John Glenn Middle School Indio 760-200-3700 http://www.dsusd.us/
Thomas Jefferson Middle School Indio 760-863-3660 http://www.dsusd.us/
Woodrow Wilson Middle School Indio 760-775-3880 http://www.dsusd.us/
Bobby Duke Middle School Coachella 760-398-0139 http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/
Cahuilla Desert Academy Coachella 760-398-0097 http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/
James Workman Middle School Cathedral City 760-770-8540 http://www.psusd.us/
Nellie N. Coffman Middle School Cathedral City 760-770-8617 http://www.psusd.us/
Raymond Cree Middle School Palm Springs 760-416-8283 http://www.psusd.us/

Public High Schools

Palm Desert High School Palm Desert 760-862-4300 http://www.dsusd.us/
La Quinta High School La Quinta 760-772-4150 http://www.dsusd.us/
Horizon High School La Quinta 760-238-9720 http://www.dsusd.us/
Summit High School La Quinta 760-238-9760 http://www.dsusd.us/
Indio High School Indio 760-775-3550 http://www.dsusd.us/
Amistad High School Indio 760-775-3570 http://www.dsusd.us/
Adult School Coachella 760-398-6302 http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/
Coachella Valley High School Thermal 760-399-5183 http://www.coachella.k12.ca.us/
Cathedral City High School Cathedral City 760-770-0100 http://www.psusd.us/
Palm Springs High School Palm Springs 760-778-0400 http://www.psusd.us/